Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Please stand by...

I am currently experiencing a lot of technical difficulties.   First of all the drive where I save all of the files for this blog has for reasons unknown to me reverted back to April 2014.   So everything I have posted on here from April-March is no longer on my drive.   That means that I have been going page by page through the blog, email and other places trying my best to save everything again.  

The second thing is that the new email that I set up for the contest.  meetthebeatlesforreal@gmail.com is currently unable to send emails.    I am receiving everyones contest entries.   However, for the time being I am not able to reply.    Whenever I try to reply the bounce back saying that the address is not found, which does not make since because I am just "replying."   So if you have entered the contest and have not received a number from me, do not worry.    It is on the way!    You can keep entering the contest.   I will figure out the email situation later.  Right now I just have too many computer issues to work on the email thing.    But rest assured that you will get your number in the near future.

Now you will return to your regularly scheduled Beatles photos.


  1. Good luck, take your time and thanks for the update! Sometimes - on the rare occasion there's no update - we worry about you!!!

    1. Just in case someone out there doesn't know: I typically post 5 new posts every night Sunday-Thursday. You won't see posts on this blog on Friday or Saturday nights. If there is a school holiday, I might not post on Sunday night. But for the most part I pretty much keep to my schedule. The summer gets a little crazy, and if I am on vacation I don't post anything. So please get worried if I don't post anything for a whole month---contact the police or something. Haha!