Monday, March 9, 2015

MTBFR update and contest!

You might not realize it, but today we have something to celebrate here at Meet the Beatles...for Real!   This very blog has been online for 6 solid years today!   Hooray!   Want to hear something silly?  Today one of the kindergarten students at the school where I teach came up to me and announced that today is her birthday and she was 6 years old.  And so I thought, "wow---if my  blog was a person, that is what it would be like."     Over the past 6 years I have seen a lot of awesome Beatles blog and sites come and go.   But I am still here and I have no plans on going anywhere.  So as long as you all are enjoying the photos and stories---I will be here.    Oh who am I kidding?  I would do this for myself even if no one read this, which I still have my doubts that people even pay attention to this blog.

I am holding a contest for the 6th anniversary of the blog!  It isn't a big deal contest, but here it is.   I will be giving away 5 prizes to 5 random winners.  

Prize #1:  A vintage PYX Beatles magazine from 1964.  
Prize #2:  Ringo Starr "Ringo for President" buttons.  I bought these at the Ringo concert in October 2014.  Plus a Yellow Submarine pin
Prize #3:  $10 Amazon gift card
Prize #4:  All of my "left over" Beatles photos--these are a grab bag of photos that I happen to have doubles
Prize #5:  A mystery prize (because I haven't came up with it yet)

To enter the contest send an email to (note this is a different email). And I will give you a number.   Keep your number and on April 1st (no joke), I will use a random number generator to pick the 5 winners.   I will announce the numbers on this blog at 10pm that nigh.  The winners have 3 days to contact me with their mailing address or I will pick another number.   The contest is open to everyone everywhere.  Celebrate with me 6 years of MTBFR!

  I am still working on my book.   I have been gathering some amazing stories and photos to include in the book and I know everyone is going to really enjoy it.   If you haven't done so, please look at the link at the top of the blog to see if you can help me with the book.   I am also still accepting donations towards the book to pay for the more expensive photographs that I want to include.    If you have a few dollars to donate, it would be greatly appreciated! 


  1. Congratulations on the 6 years, Sara! Thank you for all the good times I have here. I won't enter the contest to give space to other fans: I already have waaaaay too much Beatle stuff!

  2. Happy Birthday, "Meet The Beatles.....For Real!!!!!" Now that's something worth celebrating! It has made all the difference to me, I'll tell you that much! I mean.....even if things get bad, I'm not going to jump off a bridge....because I HAVE to see what tomorrow's post is going to be!!! I mean, yesterday I find out Paul wore Brut Fabrege! Not that I need to know that, but I'm glad I do! (don't ask me why!).

    Sara, without any exaggeration: there has NEVER been a day, EVER, that I haven' t found something - almost always plural - that I love, learn from, make my desktop image, send to someone - I thought I knew Beatles before this, every day, I have to revise some opinion or assumption.

    Thanks for not giving up! Even happier to see you write "I'm not going anywhere"! Yeah yeah yeaeeeeeeah!!!!

    PS: And happy birthday to your student, MTBFR in human form!