Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet the Beatles on the Beach

In February 1965, when the Beatles were in the Bahamas filming Help!, one fan's family vacation became a dream come true.   This fan and her sister came down from the United States to the Bahamas for some sun and sand.   Being big Beatle fans, they were excited to hear that the Beatles were right where they were and for the several days, the two girls went to Paradise Island and opening snapped photos and spoke with the Beatles.    

When the Beatles all came off of the boat at Paradise Island, she was waiting for them with a newspaper announcing their arrival for them to sign.   She managed to get all 4 Beatles signatures, plus Victor Spinetti's.

After the Beatles had left for the day, she and her sister took turns sitting the Paul's sports car and she took an empty cigarette pack as well as the call sheet for the previous day's filming session that Paul had left behind.

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