Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cellar Dweller

I just LOVE the Cavern Club in Liverpool  One of my time travel trip choice I think would be the Cavern in 1962 right after Ringo joined.    To think of the fans passing up little slips of paper to the Beatles, requesting songs.  Freda Kelly always would request "Three Cool Cats."    What a fun time they all must have had!    Anyhow---I really like the photos of the Cavern---great place!


  1. can you just imagine what it was like then with the lads - wow

  2. Sara, I COMPLETELY agree with you. Though, sometimes I think Hamburg would be better, since they played longer.....but then we'd have to deal with thugs, so......I think the Cavern is where we should go! We could see them during the day....then come back and see them at night time! We just have to make sure we're back by midnight, or we'll turn into pumpkins!!!