Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Daily Mirror Golden Ball

50 years ago today a often overlooked and forgotten Beatles event occurred:  The Daily Mirror Golden Ball.   The most information I can find on this event was from a Christie's auction for a set of Beatles autographs that were from February 18, 1965 at the Golden Ball.    I can't find what songs the Beatles performed, although it must have been something from their Christmas show that had ended a month previously.    The only oddity that I find is that other information states that the Beatles were in recording sessions on this date.   However, the newspaper and this fan have proof otherwise.

This autographed guest list is extremely interesting as it appears to document a previously unknown performance by The Beatles in February, 1965. Further research with the Daily Mirror archive has revealed that the Golden Ball was organised by the newspaper to celebrate reaching record sales of five million copies per day. The ball was held on Thursday 18th February, 1965 at the Royal Albert Hall, London and tickets went on sale for 25 shillings.

The vendor worked for the Daily Mirror in the Publicity Department at the time, and recalls that the Beatles arrived at the Royal Albert Hall to perform a couple of songs on stage with various other artists, and were invited by the Directors of the paper to have a drink in a private room following their performance, which is when she acquired their autographs.

all photo by Mirrorpix


  1. The Beatles work on some of the new songs that would end up on the HELP soundtrack on this day...they also got dressed and went to the Albert Hall to see Sandie Shaw and Harry Seacombe perform. The Beatles didn't play...but they waved to their fans from the Grand Tier Box 12.

    1. Interesting, then the fan's memories were incorrect.

  2. Wow, never even knew about this!

    I believe the Help sessions were day sessions, leaving them available to attend the ball.