Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sick in Bed

I think I caught what George Harrison had 51 years ago.   Uhhh...I feel terrible.   Going to cut the updates on the blog short for tonight and get more rest.   Sorry for the sub-par updates lately, but I promise to post some great stuff when I am feeling better.


  1. love EVERY pic you post with George


    Uh....what are you talking about, "sub-par"????? You must really be sick! You're delirious!! Nothing sub-par about the posts lately!!!!

    Like....for instance....these pics of sick George! Man, doesn't he know he should rest his voice?

    1. I really do have what George has! I just said that as a joke. I went to a clinic today and I have strep throat! I have been taking meds and I am feeling a bit better. However, I can barely talk! How did George do those phone interviews? My boyfriend said that I sounded like I was acting in a bad horror movie because my voice is a strange whisper over the phone.