Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Book: the Beatles/Eight Arms to Hold You

As I am sure you all know, 2015 is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles movie, Help!    Help! is a great and funny film.   However, the Beatles 1964 movie, a Hard Day's night always seems to overshadow Help!    Help! is great in its own right.  The music is wonderful (of's the Beatles!), the jokes are funny, there are some hilarious one liners, and it is a great film.    Sure it doesn't have the best story line and sure it isn't the greatest movie ever, but it has its own place in the Beatles history and I am so glad that a new book is coming out focusing on the Beatles 1965 movie, Help!

Eight Arms to Hold You will feature rare, unseen and classic photograph of the Beatles during the making of Help!   From the Bahamas to the Alp and to London,  there will be amazing photographs of the Fab 4 in color.    Many collections from some fine photographers and photo collectors will be featured in the book.     Right now work is being done to clean up all of the photographs and make them look as fresh and new as they did 50 years ago.    In order to get this done, money is needed to be raised. 

You can help with the restoration of the photos by pre-ordering the book.    If you do this, you will get a special edition copy of the book that is especially made for fans.  In this copy of the book, you will get your name printed in it and some other goodies.    There are all sorts of special things going on with this book.   Look at the site for more information.

If you are a fan of the movie and if you love Beatles photos (which I assume you do if you are at this blog), then I highly recommend this book.   I have already placed my pledge for a copy of it when it comes out.

As 2015 goes on, I am going to have some special features about Help! throughout the year on the blog.   I will be teaming up with some Beatle friends for a contest later in the year.

Several years ago I met Victor Spinetti at a Beatles convention.   The one thing I asked him to do was repeat my favorite line from a movie:  "With a ring like that I could (dare I say it) Rule the World!"