Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meeting John

Over at the great facebook page, John Lennon's Lost Weekend page, admin Jay Schulman shared his story and photos of when he met John on February 13, 1975.  We have seen photos of this day before, of John in the big wooly winter hat.   Here's Jay wonderful memories and photos, posted here with his permission.

I was laying in bed listening to Scott Muni on WNEW FM
In NYC when a very famous voice came on. It was Dr Winston o Boogie plugging his new Rock n Roll album. I got dressed warm as it was cold with some snow flurrys.
I took 2 buses and 2 trains and arrived about 4:30 at the studio at 47th st and 5 th Ave.
I went up to the studio saw John with Scott in the booth and I was asked if I worked there I told them no I didn't and was asked to wait in the lobby.
After abought 1/2 hour John came down with a young lady who I swear was May.
When John got off the elevator he took his time signing and talking with everyone.

I managed to get a picture signed and while he was signing the pen ran out so he asked if I had another.  I  had to borrow a pen from the person standing next to me.
I was thrilled that day as I  was meeting my idol john Lennon but my hands were shaking.

All photos property of Jay Schulman


  1. nice article and to the point

  2. Later that year Joe Walsh wore that very same hat on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert.

  3. That day that John played DJ on WNEW FM was the best day for any radio station. He was reading weather reports, doing commercials and just being his usual funny self. And yes, that was May that was with him, that's why he was in such a great mood. He was free!

    1. A lot of people really do wish that he would have stayed with May, and I'm one of them. I knew a couple of people that were around John & May when they were together and they all said the same thing back them 'May is SO good for John', 'He's happy, he's smiling a lot and he's healthy'....what could have been....