Monday, February 23, 2015

Get the complete picture

I am not sure if I have ever seen the complete photo of this shot before.   Usually you just see John and Cynthia.    Cynthia looks like she is about to burst in to tears in this photo.   And John seems to be acting goofy for the cameras.    Paul and George and both checking out a pretty young lady and Brian Sommerville is the only one really looking at the camera!   


  1. I don't think Cynthia looked like she's about to cry- she DOES look like she has a drunk husband on her hands though.

  2. Poor Cynthia.....John was just a horrible drunk and this photo shows it. John couldn't hold his liquor and should have realised that from a long time ago. No doubt Cynthia was always the level headed one between them both - John was just one of those very obnoxious kind of people when drunk really needed to be smacked upside the head and pounded back into reality. Poor Cynthia...finally she is at peace...maybe if she meets back up with John in death, she can give him the smacks he surely deserved his entire time with her....RIP Cynthia....

    1. People who have the tendency to be obnoxious when they're not drunk, should never, ever drunk - John! I agree that Cynthia should have smacked into the next day as he was probably loud and embarrassing...John was a being that lived in access of just about anything...Poor Cynthia put up with so much crap that none of us will ever know....More than likely, Cynthia's first inclination when she got to the next level when she passed was to probably hug John and then give him a good smack in the back of the head :)

  3. I'm new to the blog so I'm surfing all John stuff as I am a John girl through & through :D , and is it just me or what because I don't think Cynthia looked like she'd burst into tears or having to put up with a drunk husband or anything, as she wasn't alone, everyone was there - Brian & all, so even if he was drunk, she didn't have to put up with it alone. She had enough help on that trip. Anyway, to me she looks more like she's just about to burst into laughter.