Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Catching up on some light reading

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  1. Got to love that!

    Down in my grandparents' basement was an old book shelf. And on the side of it was carved "Yes It Is! John, Eddie and Eddie!"

    So I asked my Uncle Eddie about it (who would have been the age of these fine young boys!)....he said that when the Beatles first hit, he and his friends (one who was also called Eddie) formed a little fake band where they would strum tennis rackets and sing Beatle songs. He said, "Don't the Beatles have a song called 'Yes It Is'?" I said yes. He said, "yeah, that's what that referred to, all we did was Beatle songs".

    Great pic!! I don't know where you get all of these beautiful first generation fan pics, but I, for one, love love love them!