Thursday, January 22, 2015

The place is surgin' with girls

Just look at that grin on John's face.   Who is luckier, these girls or these two Beatles?


  1. Ha!

    In all the pictures from this shoot, Paul looks almost pissed off! And John does in some of them too! That grin might be a "forced smile". Maybe they don't want to be photographed while they're chatting up the birds!!!!

    Oof, I mean, look at Paul's body language! He's got his arms folded! That's not a happy Beatle. Or it could be he's just playing it closed off and moody when he's got that blonde next to him.

    Yeah, these pictures have always inspired a million scenarios in my head...and this picture particularly!!!!! Thanks S.S.!

  2. "Just look at that girl on John's face"? I assume that that's a Freudian slip!


  3. Why is Paul so pissed off? He played a model's breast like it was a bass string in "Help!"