Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Beatles Invade Cincinnati -- a Book Review

Welcome to another installment of "Wednesday Night Reviews."   This week I have a book called The Beatles Invade Cincinnati 1964 & 1966 written by Scott Belmer (aka Belmo).   This book has been under the radar since it has been released this past fall and if it wasn't for a review in Beatlefan magazine, I wouldn't have been aware of it at all.

It has become more and more popular for authors to write about one specific Beatles concert or one town that the Beatles visited.    I find each one to be very different and very interesting. 

Belmo's The Beatles Invade Cincinnati is really more of a scrapbook than it is a book.   He has reproduced just about every newspaper article about the Beatles that appeared in Cincinnati newspapers when the Beatles appeared there in concert.   This is a great resource, as many of the original newspaper articles have yellowed and deteriorated over time and when you go to the microfilm to read an article, it is often difficult to read.   So having it all right here in the book to read is great!

I especially enjoyed reading a series of reports from Dale Stevens from 1966 from the Post and Times Star.   There are a lot of photos in the book, but unfortunately many of them are very dark and difficult to make out the details.  The photos that are clear are the wonderful 1966 photos from Gordon Baer, and there is a great interview with him in the book.

photo by Gordon Baer

The one thing I feel is missing is the person fan memories.   Yes, there is a section of fan memories and I really enjoyed reading them, but I would have loved to have read more.   The fan connections to these concert stops is what really makes these type of books special to me. 

All in all it is a fun book to read through.  If you are like me and you are collecting all of the Beatle books about specific concerts, then make sure you add this one to your list!    This would also be a great book for anyone who is or was from Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The only way to purchase The Beatles Invade Cincinnati is directly through Belmo's paypal account at     The cost of the book is $25 and is for U.S. customers only.  

Edit:  This book is now available from Amazon!

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