Thursday, January 8, 2015

Peace Action

On a rainy April 22, 1972, John and Yoko appeared at a protest gathering in Central Park.   They ended up singing "Give Peace a Chance" with the large crowd.    Some of the fans in the audience snapped these pictures, which turned out pretty good for a rainy day with a large crowd!   I even like the pictures of the participants.  


  1. most of crowd then was really to see John in person

  2. Great pics!!!!

    Just so you know though, that's not Central Park, that's Bryant Park, right in the middle of the city. Next time you're here, Sara, go by there, it's really small, and you will immediately see where John and Yoko are standing.....almost gives me chills seeing it myself!!! (or should I say, "meself"! Ha!!!) :D