Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Don't be Daft

On December 1, 1983 an event that many Beatle fans never thought would happen occurred.  The three remaining Beatles and Yoko got together at the Dorchester Hotel in London and for 8 hours the four of them discuss Apple.  Oh to have been a fly on the wall of that hotel suite!    Those 3 guys hadn't been in a room together since 1979, correct?   So the things they must have said during those 8  hours....it couldn't have been just business.    And to think John had just died 3 years earlier makes it very sad also. 

I love this.   Ringo and Barb were leaving and a reporter asked Ringo the question, "Are the Beatles getting back together."  And Ringo answers, "Don't be daft!"      Surely that reporter wasn't being serious?  

Linda and Paul didn't say anything to anyone as they left, but they were all smiles and looking happy in their match winter coats.  


  1. Is that the same coat Paul had in 1968?

  2. You should listen to the recent Podcast with Mark Lewisohn now.
    Seems it wasnt happy at all.