Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Walking by a tree


I love the couple near John and Yoko.  The guy is trying not to notice them.   And I wonder what John has in that Kodak bag?

*Note--I have purchased a license with ImageCollect and am able to download and share a limited number of photos on this blog with my purchase.    It is stated on their page that I have the rights to do this, but no one else has the rights to take these photos and share them without paying as well.   Please do not take any of the "imagecollect" photos for yourself.   I am very sorry, but at least we can enjoy them together.    Be aware that if you do post them elsewhere, you can and most likely will get in legal trouble from Imagecollect who holds the copyright.

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  1. Picking up or planting acorns for the Plant an Acorn for Peace campaign perhaps?