Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jet magazine in 1966

Did you realize that you can get some magazines for FREE from google?   Well one of the few that you can read all of the issues of is "Jet" magazine, the magazine for African Americans that had articles about music, politics and issues of the day.    I ran a search on Beatles and found this information about in one of the 1966 issues about the Beatles in Memphis.   I really enjoy the Bobby Hebb photographs. 

Beatles Tell Memphis Newsmen They like Negro Vocal Groups
Jet Magazine September 1966

When Four long-haired Britishers—John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harris (sic) and Ringo Starr – known professionally as the Beatles –sang to a Memphis, Tenn audience of 20, 128 (which included two performances) only a handful of Negroes were spotted.  Included among the screaming fans was Carla Thomas, a top recording star who current disk B-A-B-Y has caused many screams at rock n roll concerts  Carla, without reservation, let it be known that “I am a Beatle fan.”  Carla continued, “:I’ve always wanted to see them in person but was disappointed because I couldn’t hear anything for all of the screaming teenagers.  I like them, especially Paul.”    Between performances, the notorious foursome held a 25 minute so called “press” conference which was no place for a working newsmen (teenage girls broke It up with their screams).  Paul McCartney, seemingly the happiest of the four, didn’t hesitate to answer, “We like American colored groups,” when a reporter asked, “Who is your (The Beatles) favorite American singer?”  John Lennon, the most talkative member of the British quartet, confirmed that last spring they planned to record an album in Memphis but “little things like money” kept getting in the way.  Lennon noted that, “We would love to record with Booker T. and the MG’s”   Booker T. Jones, a recent graduate of Indiana University, is a Memphian who hit it big several years ago with “Green Onions”   His latest platter is “My Sweet Potato”   Touring with the Beatles on their second American tour were the Ronettes and Nashville born singer Bobby Hebb.  Just before taking to the stage for their final Memphis show, Beatle Manager Brian Epstein permitted only one photographer (of more than 150 reporters and photographers) inside their dressing room—Jet’s Memphis lensman Mark Stansbury. 


  1. Love these pics, I've never seen them before!

  2. I especially like that this is in MEMPHIS! The KKK is out there protesting, meanwhile backstage the Beatles are hanging with Bobby Hebb, doing a photo op with him, rubbing it in the bigots' noses. Who's on the right side of history now, KKK?!!!

    And I love that Carla Thomas was in the audience!!!

    On the same tour, Ebony did a profile of The Ronettes on the Beatles tour (I think I sent that to you a long time ago, and in fact, you may have it here already....if you don't though, let me know! - Michael!)