Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Friar Park A Pictorial History: Book Review

When I look at the statistics for this blog,  I notice the things that people put into google searches that bring to "Meet the Beatles for Real."   And one of the most common searches is "Friar Park."    And I can see why people are searching for more information about this amazing home in Henley.   Not only is it the home of George Harrison and his family, but it is rich in beauty and it has history and it is different.

So that is why my "Wednesday Review" this week is for a book called "Friar Park:  A Pictorial History"  by The Cardinals.

I have to confess, that I have not completely read all of the text in the book, but as it is a pictorial history, it is full of beautiful photos of Friar Park, which I have looked though many times.    This book is not a "Beatles" book but it is one that is of great interest to George Harrison fans.  George bought the property in 1970 and he built a recording studio there and records many albums.  He made several promotional films there and Friar Park has been the place where fans have gone and met George over the years.   Now that he has passed away, he wife, Olivia and son Dhani and his wife live there.     Beatle fans have been fascinated with Friar Park ever since George first purchased it.

This book has so many beautiful photos from all of the years and shows ever part of Friar Park.   It shows photos of the "small" houses (the ones that George's father and brother lived in at one time), the garden, the Matterhorn, the caves, and the big house.     All the while it tells the history of Sir Frankie Crisp and how he came to build the things and the history behind them.    There are not just photos, but post cards and other various things. 

Friar park--photo posted with permission of author

My favorite part is seeing some of the inside of the large house where George lived.    We have seen peeks of the inside over the years, and we read about it in Pattie Boyd's and Chris O'Dell's books, but these photos are just amazing!    You will love to see them and imagine George hanging out there.

Inside Friar Park home--photo posted with permission from author
My only negative thing to say about the book is that there isn't enough George Harrison history in it.  However, this book was never intended to be a Beatles book and besides the recording studio, George did not make a lot of major changes to the landscape or the home.

This would be a great Christmas gift or a gift for yourself, especially if you are interested in the Beatles homes and/or George Harrison.    The beauty of the book is just amazing.  

The book is reasonably priced ($23.00) and you can order it through      If you decide to purchase the book, send an email to with proof of your purchase, you will receive a electronic version of the book for FREE!!    That is a great deal!

Also available is a book that is a color reprint of the 1919 Estate Auction Catalog.  I have not seen this, but it sounds pretty awesome. 


  1. Wow!

    I have always wanted to see what Friar Park was like!

    Do you think George had something to do with the book (or Olivia) and purposely downplayed the Beatle connection, and keep it focused on the house and Sir Frankie Crisp?

    The book looks fantastic, exactly what I'd want to see and I have to say, I really appreciate the review Sara! I always feel like you are fair, and informative. I also really appreciate that this book is affordable!!! The first major Beatles book I had to let get away because of price (other than Derek Taylor's book!) was that "Recording The Beatles" book. And there have been so many others. They all look beautiful and great and I foam at the mouth for them but I can't afford them! This one is affordable!

  2. this book is a collection of common info anyone can find on the net, gathered by a ghost named scott cardinal who has zero online presence, but loves confrontation and won't stop until he proves "he's right" , then he'll remove & block you from his FB friar park page! lol. He uses that page to solicit & collect as much info as he can about beatle homes (and others) then he publishes these books for profit and pretends he's the 'authority" on the topic.

    1. This is simply not true. Scott does a wonderful job with his books. He interviews so many people that lived or stayed at Friar Park. He not a ghost. I have met in person. Have you purchased one of his books? They are amazing. Scott is a friend of mine. When my boyfriend passed away in 2019, he was one of the few people that checked in on me on a regular basis. That meant a lot to me then and it still means a lot to me now. I do not agree with many of the things he says, but that does not mean that I dislike him. I am sure like all of us that write Beatles books, he is not making a profit from any books. Most of us are lucky to break even. Scott Cardinal IS the leading authority on Beatles homes and buildings. No one will ever change my mind.