Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Another Beatles Christmas Show concert memory

very old scans from when I had that scanned that had a green tint

The only memory that I can find is from The Beatles Christmas Book by Belmo and Gary Marsh.  It is a quote by Lulu

" One of the most exciting things that ever happened to me in my life was going to a gig at the Hammersmith, standing on the side of the stage, watching them running off and on.  And all of a sudden John Lennon goes, "ooh it's Lulu!"  I can't say how excited I was.  And then they took me into their dressing room, and I actually watched and will never forget Paul McCartney putting his head under the tap and just flicking his hair around.  It looked gorgeous and so did he.  I was fifteen or sixteen -- totally in awe and I melted completely"

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  1. Sara - may you and your Mum have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed healthy happy New Year.