Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What happened on the boat stayed on the boat....

I am not sure what happened on this boat in Miami in 1964, but Cynthia does NOT look very happy about it all. 


  1. Maybe too much exposure to Americans!!! That would put a puss on anybody's face!!!

  2. This is the yacht lent to the Beatles for a day by millionaire Bernard Castro. In other photos on board they're wearing swim suits. (Sara, in the list of tags/links for the blog photos, Cynthia is left out. Shouldn't she be included?)

  3. Maybe Cynthia has that horrid gut feeling that her husband has had tons of affairs already....maybe Cynthia was truly never treated with the respect she so richly deserved for putting up with her husbands' antics. No one will ever know what it was like to live with him...we can all imagine just how difficult he probably was to be around at times. He was an angry 'young man' back then and we all know he had major emotional issues until the day he died. Whether he was with Cynthia or with Yoko, he had deep emotional issues that were just never resolved. Personally, I think he died a very unhappy man...we only got to see what they wanted us to see and him being a house-husband...seriously now, I never bought into that crap, they just wanted to make him seem like he was busy with the kid. He was bored and unfulfilled. Sad isn't it?