Thursday, November 6, 2014

They weren't standing at the dock but performing in Southhampton

Once again I have very little information about the November 6, 1964 performances in Southampton.    What is know is that The Beatles  were interviewed by Tony Bilbow in their dressing room before they went onstage for a television program called Day By Day.  

The only report that can be found about the actual concert comes from  the Echo newspaper who reported this about the Beatles  in concert:

The biggest roar of the evening was for Ringo and his solo spot.  He could be heard--just.  Certainly, the Beatles give full value for money these days.  Their 20 minutes was crammed with top numbers--no hip twitching, no histrionics, no pandering to the jungle instincts of the little girls.

And so the concert during the 1964 UK Autumn tour in Southampton remains a mystery and just another stop on a hectic schedule.


  1. Your First photo existe with a girl named "Carol". ( A Blond Girl).

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  2. Great detective work! I love that you have at least one eyewitness account for this, and the other shows where there's not much information.