Sunday, November 30, 2014

The sick one in New York

Perhaps these are the photos taken of George while his band-mates were getting their photos taken in Central Park.   I just think a lad with a 103 degree temperature and strep throat has no business out on the balcony of the Plaza hotel.  


  1. Looks to be Paris.

  2. The roof of the George V hotel.

  3. January 17, 1964. On the roof of George V hotel, Paris

  4. Isn't just amazing how people know the exact dates, places, etc...when it comes to The Beatles? Now does anyone know what TIME of day these photos were taken??? LOL

    1. It is both scary and amazing that people retain trivial facts such as these. I knew that photo wasn't from NYC, that's about the extend of it. I wonder does anyone know what food they ordered to the room? What time did they finally go to sleep? :)

  5. ah the few who know everything -lol! give Sara a break and the rest of us who like MTBFR