Monday, November 10, 2014

Out there winners

I am not sure what the story is behind this and I hope to find out soon.   So far what is known is that a contest was held after the soundcheck during Paul's Brazil concert yesterday and 9 people were chosen to meet Paul!!   This is the first I have ever heard of any fans meeting Paul like this at a concert and it bring a whole new excitement level for me.   If this is a regular thing, I might reconsider never buying a Hot Sounds package again.

A big congratulations goes out to the 9 Brazilian fans that won!!  Way to go! 

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  1. Hi Sara! I'm from Brazil. This picture was taken backstage after the soundcheck in Cariacica. There was a contest by a local TV station where people should record a 30 seconds video declaring their love for Paul, and Paul himself chose the winners. There'll be a similar contest for his Brasilia concert in November 22. You can see the video (in Portuguese) for this picture here: