Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our friend makes an appearance

This fan photo might have turned out a bit blurry, but that is alright because it is good enough to see Paul McCartney at EMI Studios and our friend, Lizzie Bravo right there behind him!   I just have to wonder where John Lennon was that day?!   It looks like the male fan with the camera around his neck is trying to get Paul to sign a Beatle Book Monthy.   I hope he was successful!  


  1. Hi Sara! I got this photo yesterday morning from our French friend Bruno: I was in total shock! Even though the date printed on the photo says otherwise, this was the Summer of 1969. Those of you much younger than me should know that when you sent one of those Instamatic (little square ones) negatives to be printed, the date on the prints would be when they were printed and not when they were actually taken. I have to say that there must be many photos like this one around somewhere. In the Summer, tons of fans from all over the world would come to EMI Studios and most of them had cameras. I am pretty sure whoever was taking photos of John must have caught me there right beside him! In this case it is obvious John was not around... I just wonder why we are smiling? Did anyone say something funny? Anyway, thanks for posting this. I certainly was one darn lucky teenager!

    1. I'll bet I know why you all were smiling! A Beatle saying something funny? Or somebody doing or saying something funny around a Beatle? Sounds plausible!! One thing is for sure: you all look so happy! What a moment in time! Love this photo, blurry or not!!! Any chance to see Lizzie standing alongside one of the guys!

      Hey Lizzie.....once you sang on "Across the Universe", did you get any special recognition or treatment afterwards when you'd see them? I know you told us that McCartney froze you guys out a couple of weeks after the session, when he was in a mood. (obviously a different mood than the one in this picture!). But did they even ever spot you and mention the recording, or anything like that? Did they always see you and remember you as the one they invited in to sing?

      Great picture!

  2. Fantastis! I wonder if there are any fan-made movies around?