Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Give me peace on earth

As I head into my Thanksgiving holiday break, the area in which I live is full of violence and strife.   I live just 20 minutes away from Ferguson, Missouri and it is an area that I have gone to shop on many, many occasions.    It pains me in ways that I cannot even express to see areas that I have been to burning to the ground.   It is one thing to see something far away from where you live happening and it is a totally different, eery feeling to see a place where you know exactly where it being destroyed.   I am sure that I am not alone in this feeling.   I can totally understand anger and confusion and the desire to do something---but I will never understand how violence is the answer.   That is why tonight I am praying for peace across my country.      And in trying to obtain peace I am going to start talking more to people who are of a different race or religion than me.    I am going to look past our differences and start looking at our similarities.   Maybe get out of my comfort bubble a bit.   

I am going to take a mini break for the Thanksgiving holiday to spend the time with my boyfriend and his step-father.    I will not be updating this blog for the next few days.    I want to say how thankful I truly am for all of the Beatle fans from all around the world who visit this blog.   I appreciate your support so much.   Never in my wildest dreams would  I have thought that this blog would have over 2 million hits!   You know---this was just supposed to be a little project I was doing for myself a few Beatle friends.   Well it still is---just my few Beatle friends has gotten bigger over the years.   May God bless each and everyone of you!

Peace and Love

Sara S. (aka Starshyne)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Sara. For all the joy you bring us, I wish you the best of holidays. I join you and our boys in a wish for peace... but more than that, I also hope for justice.

  2. Sara - God bless you & yours for a very happy Thanksgiving and yes let us all give peace a real chance instead of insane hatred.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans who celebrate.

  4. Happy Holidays and by all means take some time to recharge.

  5. Until people START to address the rampant RACISM in the "Black Community",there won't any solution to "spontaneous rioting" anytime soon.

  6. Dear Sara, I'm so sorry you've had to experience violence in your neighborhood; we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil, but I certainly wish you & yours a wonderful holiday (I know it was a couple of days ago...). Thank you for all your efforts in making this one of the best Beatle places on the Internet! Peace & love always.