Friday, November 7, 2014


Tickets for the Beatles show in Cardiff on November 7, 1964 sold out rather quickly and thousands of fans who sent in for tickets were unable to go to the concert that day.  

On the day of the show, the first fan in line was Jean tTidcombe, who was 15 years old and excited to be there.  The line of fans waiting to see the Beatles arrive and start the show went all around the building and nearby workmen felt sorry for the them and made them tea to drink.   One fan told the press, "If I don't see the Beatles, I wont' commit suicide, but I will probably go mad."   And just like what I experienced while waiting for Paul McCartney's arrival in Kansas City this past summer, those standing near the stage doors were gossiping about what time the lads would make their appearance.    Some fans said that they always arrived at 3pm, while others pointed out that they wee late for some of the other shows and didn't arrive until just before curtain time.    In the end it was around 5pm when they finally departed from the police van and into the venue.   There is a youtube video of the arrival

Fab fans seemed to enjoy the opening acts, especially Sounds Inc. and Mary Well.   And Tommy Quickly, who was often ignored and screamed through, was also well received in Cardiff.  However, when the curtain went up and the Beatles began to Twist and Shout, the polite audience turned in to hysterics.    The got up on their chairs and were jumping up and down, much to the dismay of the security there who thought the fans were going to get hurt.   50 security  men were standing at the front of the stage, ready to take action if any of the screaming fans decided to rush the stage.  

Reporter Philip Walker, who was located right by the stage and had plenty of jelly babies thrown on him said that "The Beatles are a fine act.  What could be heard of their singing sounded just like their records, which isn't always the case with pop groups."

A fan named Mike posted on the Beatles Bible this past January, " I remember going to see this concert with my sister ( from Newport by train),,it was the 6 .30 pm show, I remember Mary Wells singing ‘My Guy” The Beatles opened with ‘twist and shout’,,they were were dressed in light grey ‘beatle jackets’ near the end of the song, John Lennon took his tie off and threw it into the front row !,,,,It was a loud, crazy night. I still have the ticket stub, and one from the Bob Dylan 1966 show !"

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