Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A lucky man who won the war

Movie premiere of "How I won the War" on October 18, 1967


  1. Wow! These two photos are different from the ones I have. John's outfit was made by Marijke from "The Fool" (she wrote that under a photo I posted on facebook). My friends and I were outside for that premiere. It was crazy! Beatlemania all over again. We were pushed and shoved, but managed to see them.

  2. Forgot how beautiful they looked together!

  3. Cynthia has always been a woman with class and style. John was a miserable SOB towards her for most of their short marriage and let's face it, he was worse when he hooked up with the ever cunning and manipulative Yoko...Cynthia and Julian deserved so much more from him....he didn't do the right thing at all