Monday, October 13, 2014

Yes--this is our real hair---even in Wigan

The Beatles started off the tour stop in the town of Wigan on a bad note because the car broke down on their way there.   You would have thought that by the autumn of 1964, the Beatles wouldn't have had to deal with car issues.   The car breaking down made them a bit late in arriving and they only had time to eat some soup in the dressing room, which of course made for a great photo opportunity. 

Arriving a bit late in Wigan

It should be noted that this concert stop's manager went the extra mile and provided the Beatles not only with food backstage but also a television to watch!

The audience at Wigan was reported as being enthusiastic for all of the performers that night, and not just the Beatles.    Of course this is the the audience where the now famous two female lovers are seen sharing an intimate moment  (I would love to know more about those two girls!) and so it was an exciting night for everyone there.    (with a big special thanks to The Gilly for that photo and others)

I actually located a photo of one of the Beatles performing that night!   It isn't the best photo in the word, but it is John!

A fan named Andy said this on the Beatles Bible website
I was there. I was 6 years old at the time and my mates big sister took us to the 6.20 show. All I can remember are figures on the stage in blue suits and you couldn’t hear anything over the screaming. The had to stop the show for a short while because someone had published in a magazine that Paul like Dolly Mixture sweets and girls were throwing them at him and he got one in his eye.
And in the book Beatlemania the Real Story of the Beatles UK tours by Martin Cheasy, a fan named Jackie said,
Then came the moment we were all there for, the Fab Four, live onstage.  I could hardly breathe, my throat was dry.  I thought I would pass out.  It was really that bad.  the noise of the screaming girls drowned out their singing.   I've never seen as many jelly babies in my life, either.  they could have opened a shop.  I had two programmes for year.  God knows where they've gone!


  1. Two female lovers? Insinuation! Somebody on Tumblr started this rumor and now it is spreading over the web. They were just ordinary girls full of excitement.

  2. Just found your website a few weeks ago and every picture and article brings so many great memories to me. Thanks for sharing.