Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Beatles know how to (Plymouth) rock!

On October 29, 1964, the Beatles' 1964 UK Autumn tour brought them to Plymouth after a late night of celebrating driver, Alf Bicknell's 36th birthday.    At first they were bombarded with some questions from the press.  Ringo was asked about why they were late for the show in Exeter.  George was asked how much longer they were going to last.   Then Ringo and John were asked if they voted.   Paul was asked about the fact that there were supposedly smaller crowds to see them and at one venue a few empty seats.    All in all---a typical meeting with the press.

Backstage the guys happily talked to journalist, Ray Coleman (who much later in life would write one of the best biographies about John).   They spoke about how happy they were that they were done recording their new album and single.  And John talked about the new single, I Feel Fine, by saying this, "I suppose it has a bit of a country-and-western feel about it, but then so have a lot of our songs.  the middle eight is the most tuneful part, to me, because it's a typical Beatles bit."

I have no other information about what went on backstage during this show, but these photos from this date are good ones

The concert itself was one full of screaming fans, but fans that seemed to have themselves under control.   No one even attempted to rush the stage, just a handful of girls fainted and the only major issue was one broken chair inside the theater.    The audience showed great enthusiasm and respect for all of the opening acts and even stood for the National Anthem.  The Beatles ran out of the backdoor exit and into the car that was waiting for them before the fans had even realized it.  

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