Sunday, October 5, 2014

You say goodbye and I say cello

Photos by Matin Haskill

These photos and Paul autograph were for sale on ebay a few weeks back.   The story that went with them was that from September 3-9, 1980, a man named Martin Haskill was making an album at Park Gates Studio in Sussex, England.    It was asked if a couple could come and check out the studio and the couple ended up being Linda and Paul McCartney.    Linda spent a lot of the time checking out the kitchen, but Paul spent the afternoon in the control room with Martin and his co-workers as they were mixing guitars on an album.    At one point, he picked up a cello that was lying around and started to play around with it.  Martin snuck a couple of photos.  At the end of the day everyone got Paul's autograph. 


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    1. Yes you are right again. That is what happens when you update a blog when you were half asleep. I changed it.

  2. .....and hats off for the hilarious title! In fact, it's a very John (AND Paul) title!

    1. and once again I have to say---that is what happens when you update a blog when you are half asleep. I barely even remember posting this in the first place. I was SO tired last night.

    2. So in that twilight realm, you pull out of your hat "You say goodbye, I say cello", you're going to compose "Yesterday II"!!!! Mark my words, Schmidt!

  3. Sara,

    Thanks for you continuous effort to make my days filled with the stuff I need.