Monday, October 6, 2014

Tracking down Pepper

On June 23, 1967 the Beatles were working on the song, All you need is love.    And three of them signed the inner sleeve of their latest LP, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.    A fan named Carole was a regular outside of EMI during that time and she asked John, Paul and Ringo to sign them album for her.  She was unable to get George signature on the album.    John just signed "John" with a kiss next to his name.   That is how things were when a Beatle actually knew you, I guess.

This autograph (along with the two photos of Paul and Ringo signing the album) are up for auction.  I am sure that you have read on other blogs that Tracks in England is having a really awesome auction next month.   They have a ton of great stuff from collections of people like Pete Shotton and Buddy Dresher as well as some of the fans that you read about right here (like this album that belonged to Carole).    So many things that I wish I could afford!    You can drool over the amazing items if you click here.   Just a word of warning---I spent about 2 hours looking at stuff this evening.  


  1. I have a few autographs where John signed just "John" or "JohnX". I know these are worth less in the autograph market, but to me they are worth much more because it means he sort of "knew" me... Carole and I have been good friends since 1967.

  2. Hi Lizzie and Sara. I sold the album to Paul Wane of Tracks a few years back. A bit of a shock to see it in the auction and I am not really sure if I want to know how much it sells for haha. Regards to you both. Carole.