Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween 1970

Nothing like being spooked on Halloween by the McCartney family!   I have been holding onto this little story written by some NewYork fans from 1970 for several months just to post it at Halloween.  

Halloween 1970
By Joanne DiFilippe and Linda Rabe
5 Bites of the Apple Sept/October 1972

There will never be another Halloween like this Halloween!  As you all know, Paul had arrived in New York on October 8, 1970.  We spent three desperate weeks looking for the man.  Well on October 30th, we went down to CBS Recording Studios where Paul was recording.  After not seeing him for over a year we were quite happy.  The next day, we were sitting by John Eastman's  still trying to find out where he was staying.  That afternoon we were sitting by John’s and watching the little children dressed up for Halloween.  We then decided to go around to the store and buy candy to give to them.  After doing our good deed for the day, we decided to continue with our search.  After having no luck for most of the day, we decided to try 5th avenue.  As we crossed 81st street, we saw two women and a man coming up toward 5th.  They were dressed in yellow sheets with masks and the man was carrying a baby.  As they were approaching us at the corner, the man hid the baby’s face under the sheet and one of the women’s hands reached over to grab the man’s arm (which looked quite familiar!).  And as they came around the corner they were making these ghostly sounds.  We stopped dead in our tracks and figured we play along.  Suddenly thinking, “Oh no!” the guy with the baby came to each of us individually and made ghost sounds in our faces, coming so close he could have knocked us over.  It seemed funny that out of the 5 of us, who were there he came up to only the 4 who had been at the studio the night before.  As they turned to go into the Stanhope Hotel, which we were about to check, we noticed the groovy argyle socks (it was the socks!).  Which after a while, became a well-known trade mark, convinced us that we were right.  After realizing that our search for Paul was ended we realized that if during the course of the day we had been off by one minute in anything, we would not have been this lucky.  Not only had our search been over but we realized we had been put on by a Beatle  But yet, we got our reward for treating instead of tricking on Halloween.  That was the first of many events that followed! 


  1. Great story!!! And I'm happy the fans played along instead of, say, ripping the mask off his head!

    I wonder who the other "adult" woman is in the photograph......maybe a friend of Linda's from New York?