Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Election day at Stockton-on-Tees

The Beatles started off their time in Stockton-on-Tees talking about the elections that were going on that day in an interview that was broadcasted on a news program called North-East Newsview.   This interview put the Beatles about an hour behind in their arrival at the venue where they were to perform.

The Beatle fans that day were not interested in the Election Day events, because it was a day off from school and the Beatles were in town!   That means that these fans got to spend the whole day in front of the cinema, waiting for the lads.  And so the streets were full of very exciting young people, ready to see a glimpse of a Beatle!

The Beatles rushed for a press conference, well three of the Beatles rushed to it.   Ringo was in a goofy mood that day and he did not show up for the press conference because he was hiding inside of a cupboard and was found by a newspaper reporter!  (What was that all about???)

Then the Beatles met some very fortunate fans who had won various contests to meet them backstage

One wheelchair bound fan named Geraldine had a ticket for the concert that she received as a birthday gift.   This was back in a time when most places were not easily accessible for those in wheelchairs and there wasn't the needed accommodations available to ensure their safely.   Poor Geraldine was told that it would not be safe for her to attend the concert and so she could not go and her friend got a Beatles record as a consolation prize (nice thought, but yeah...a record is not even going to come close to seeing them in person!).   So Geraldine wrote a letter to Ringo to tell him why she wouldn't be at the show that night and to send him her best wishes for a great concert.   Ringo sent her back a signed photographs with his regrets and the manager of the Globe cinema sent her a Beatles concert program signed by all four Beatles!    That still isn't as great as seeing them in person, but still pretty neat!

5,000 screaming fans saw that Beatles during the two shows in Stockton.   All of the acts were well received and it was another evening of a successful concert on the Beatles autumn UK tour!

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  1. I am loving these UK tour accounts!! I am loving these UK tour pictures! I am basically loving this blog, as always! Thanks, Sara!