Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beatles in Hull

On October 16, 1964 the Beatles went to Hull for another set of two shows.  They planned on sneaking into the  back of the theater unseens, but the backdoor was locked!    Fans were on the chase and so the Beatles quickly ducked into the nearby police station. From there the police snuck the Beatles inside of the theater.  

From there the Beatles came around the piano inside of the theater, with Paul sitting at the keys and they began to sing "Roll out the Barrel" and then they tried to sing Cilla Black's "You're my world," but found that it was too high for the four boys to sing.

photo by Paul Berriff

photo by Paul Berriff

The Beatles had several interviews before the concerts.  George announced that they Beatles would be doing a 2nd movie with Dick Lester beginning in February.  Ringo talked about his new car and John was stuck talking about a lot of the same topics he is always asked.  Afterwards the interviewers asked for autographs. 

The fans enjoyed both houses in Hull.   The city had gotten Rugby players to protect the stage from the fans.   Even though they tried, two girls got through them and threw themselves up on the stage.  Things such as love letters, jelly babies and presents were thrown at the guys from each and every angle.   The Beatles were feeling the love from the fans in Hull and those fans have never forgotten it.

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