Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Winner of the "I want to meet a Beatle because..." contest

In 1964, the Indianapolis News newspaper held a contest called "I want to meet a Beatle because...." and the winner was 15 year old Elaine May.    Elaine got to attend the Indianapolis press conference and during the questioning she was allowed to ask a question.   She asked John if he was going to write another book after his first, "In his own write."  John answered her by saying, "Yes, tomorrow."

Afterward she presented the Beatles with an original Beatle  editorial cartoon by the newspaper's cartoonist, Robbie Robinson. 

Elaine May  meets with the Beatles -- photo by Curt Gunther
Paul holds up the newspaper with Elaine in the background--photo by Curt Gunther

The Beatles with contest winner, Elaine.  Photo by Nick Longworth

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