Monday, September 1, 2014

The White House meets the Bealtes --- White House subs that is

Two years before the Beatles told us that we all live in a yellow submarine, they were eating a White House submarine sandwich.  

The White House sub shop in Atlantic City, New Jersey has been open since 1946 and has remained a staple in the city ever since.   After the show, the Beatles were hungry and wanted some local food. Police officer  Bobby Palamaro,(the man in the photos with the Beatles) recalls, “my uncle Tony Basile owned the White House subs, and we couldn’t take them there, so we decided to bring sandwiches to them.”

Way before the Fab 4 were vegetarians, they enjoyed the 6 foot Italian sub sandwich.   Photos were taken and if you visit the shop for yourself, you can see the photographs of the Beatles in person as well as photographs of other famous folks who have tried this taste meal.   However, these rare photos almost weren't taken.   You know how much Brian Epstein did not like using the Beatles for advertisement sake?    Bobby Palamaro says, “Brian Epstein, their manager was there, and he frowned on anyone taking pictures. But we had Jim Barber - the official police photographer there, so they let him take that picture with me and the White House subs.”   

The photos aren't the only souvenir the restaurant has on display.  the paper plate that one of the Beatles used is autographed by all four and is framed on the wall. 

Press of Atlantic City file photo. Historical photo archives
Notice that the top left photo is a different one than what we usually see.   This is what is hanging in the restaurant.  

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