Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The war was won


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    1. Hey look! It's Deutschbag! Hello Deutschbag! Hey Deutschbag, I've always wondered....why don't you allow comments on YOUR blog, the most boring Beatles blog on the internet? Every time I accidentally find myself on there, I think to myself "oh yeah, it's that useless, boring blog that just takes up space on the world wide web!"

      Hey, Dibo, Dumbo, however you spell it....thanks for having a blog in which you post about new Beatle releases, and profiles about Beatle family original! I love a blog that contains information I can get from, like, JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE, including the emails the Beatles themselves send out..... what a service you are doing for the Beatles community! Your mommy (mutti) must be so proud of you! I can see why "the war was won"....look who they were fighting against!

      Hey....peace and love, Deutschbag, peace and love!

  2. Keine Ahnung was du willst Kollege Unbekannt.

    but "oh yeah, it's that useless, boring comments that just takes up space on the world wide web!"

  3. We speak English here, Dibo.

    (and yet you go ahead and read those "useless, boring comments"! Go figure! Checkmate! You lose!) (especially since your sentence barely makes sense! You'd think listening to The Beatles so much might sharpen up your English skills....I guess you just listen to "Sie Liebt Dich" and "Komm Gibb Me Deine Hand" over and over. Hey Dibo, wait until you discover the rest of their catalog! It's even better than that!) (Checkmate!):P