Sunday, September 14, 2014

The only Beatles concert in Pittsburgh

I was there, it was surreal. Like a dream, really. We all piled into my friend's Dad's station wagon, 6 of us girls. I honestly cannot remember hearing any of the music, just the continual screaming, me included.. We all looked like zombies coming out of the Arena.. What a NIGHT! – Patricia K. 

I was at this Beatles concert with my family. My dad was out of town & my grandfather took us. I don't think he enjoyed it. We sat on the main floor. I took some photos which I still enjoy. I rushed closer to the stage for pics and got halfway there. The girls constant loud screaming did drown out most of the music. A very cool time for this then 14 year old boy. – Steve H.

I was at that concert - I was 14. It lasted about 20 min.........because the Beatles only had 4-5 songs to sing. You couldn't hear anything. Young girls were crying - a bunch of them fainted and had to be removed by the cops. But was the Beatles. –anonymous

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  1. That first shot is gorgeous. I haven't seen any of these before.