Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Milwaukee fans go wild!

I have no idea why, but it seems like I have more photos of fans at the Milwaukee concert than any other venue.    And while these are from the September 4, 1964 date, the really could be from any stop on the tour because the mania and the love the Beatles experienced was universal at every stop on the tour.

It was common (but dangerous) for fans to stand on the backs of the chairs in order to see the Beatles

Often bars, such as this one would get pulled up because so many fans were grabbing onto it and pulling. The girl on the side looks like she is in deep thought.

This emotional Ringo fan's name is Shelley.   Here s her story. 

Screaming and screaming some more---police cover their ears.

Snapping a photo and praying it turns out.

the Beatles make you almost pull your hair out!

So overwhelmed with emotion one fan doesn't even realize that she is flying her Beatles banner upside down.

One police officer tries to sneak a peak to see what the fuss is all about

Fans try to get closer to the Beatles....and one photographer is caught in the midst of it all!


  1. Unbelievable photos, it's like I'm there!!!!

  2. I was there! Great pictures. Great memories!

  3. Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI, Sept. 4, 1964

    Bob Barry, disc jockey from radio station WOKY, appears on the concert stage. The lights dim, the capacity crowd shrieks with excitement. The Beatles step onto the stage at the Milwaukee Arena (not Auditorium)…and a shrine is born.

    We look back at the special event with cherished memories. No film footage of a Beatles concert could ever capture the thrill of being there. None of the “live recordings –commercial or bootleg—have reproduced the excitement. You had to live it!

    -Nancy McLaughlan and Joanne Suckon

    (this was from "The Write Thing" I believe, or Good Day Sunshine, I had typed this out for you a long time ago, but I think I forgot to send it to you!!!)