Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Beatles were going to Kansas City and the fan remember

photo by Bob Bonis

photo by Bob Bonis

I was a Senior at Paseo High School and a friend going to college at KCJC got us tickets…we sat waaaaay back but it was electrifying!!! The next day I was hoarse and couldn’t speak from all the screaming and my upper legs were black n blue from slapping them to make noise when my hands gave out.  – Penny S.

I sat in the front row with my date and my stepmother. My Dad was the Manager of WHB who supplied the MC.  I remember a girl behind us who kept screaming “Let’s go Ringo…Let’s go Ringo” until my stepmom turned to her and indignantly asked her, “Just where would you like him to go?” I think that was the end of her cries but it didn’t really matter the noise was so loud no one in the good seats could hear the band anyway! Was a great first date though.  --Don L.

“Next to us, there was a teenage couple with the girl shaking uncontrollably. The boyfriend had her sitting on his lap in hopes of calming her down. This didn’t work. “His next idea was to offer her a cigarette. In her agitated state, she promptly ate the cigarette.” –Becky

“I remember my dad driving us to the stadium and making the comment, ‘Don’t act crazy and get your picture in the paper.’ It was a great surprise the next morning when my aunt called and said that my picture was on the front page of The Kansas City Star! Being ‘crazy.’” –Pat

one of these crazy fans must be Pat!

“A plane flew over the stadium, paid for by KMBC, I guess, with a banner or message saying, ‘You are missing the premiere of “Bewitched.”’” –Brent

"The Beatles ordered room service — KC strips. The waiter came back with two autographs on room service checks signed by Paul McCartney. The chef kept one for his kids, and he gave the other to my dad, who surprised me with it the next morning.” –Virginia

“The next day, your body was so sore from all the jumping, and you couldn’t even talk, as your throat was sore, too. When I told my fourth-grade teacher why I had a sore throat, she immediately stood up and told the rest of the class. Thirty other kids wanted to know all about it, so I had to try and stand in front of the class and tell them.” – Tara

“The Beatles scurried around the flat, climbed up the stairs to get in place before the stage could be lit. At that moment, enough flashbulbs from audience cameras went off to light the entire Kansas City Athletics stadium out of total darkness, and it continued throughout the concert.” --Billy

“I was with two friends and we raced to the back of the stadium to see the Beatles depart.  We were too late and all we saw was a security guard with a piece of paper.  It said ‘Beatles please sign here’ at the top, then listed their names, where they signed next to, and at the bottom it said ‘thank you.’ … He proceeded to tear the autographs out and threw the rest of the paper on the ground.
“We walked up the hill really sad at our missed opportunity. Then it dawned on us that the Beatles had touched the paper. We fought each other down the hill after the paper, almost falling as we were all in our ‘high-heeled Beatle boots.’ I was the first one to reach the paper, but knowing how much we all loved the Beatles, tore it into three pieces so we could each have a memory of that night.” – Wendy

“We sat up on the next to last row at the stadium. The stage was so far away that we passed around binoculars so we could get a closer look! We didn’t get the Beatles autographs, but Finley came up to the top bleacher, and we got his autograph.” – Betty (whose 9th grade teacher bought $2 tickets for the ENTIRE CLASS!!!)

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