Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Striped shirt and shades

If anyone out there has more details about what the Beatles did during this 2 day break, that would be great.   There are stories out there that the Beatles jammed until 4am, but I think from what we read in John Trusty's story, it was the Bill Black Combo that jammed and the Beatles were just hanging around the bar and hotel.   Ringo was swimming (I have read several reports about him swimming with the Exciters).  This is just one of those times in Beatles touring history that a whole lot isn't reported.   I will keep digging for information and hopefully will find out more facts.   If nothing else these photos (which I got years ago from Ken Wood on the Day by Day forum---thanks Ken!) are great!

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  1. Well, I have nothing to add other than I have learned more about this 2-day break than I ever knew before! Amazing, and really beautiful photographs! (thanks, Curt!)

    (one of my favorite moments in any press conference is from the 1965 tour, when Curt complains he was promised to come up to the LA house.....John and George are hilarious.....John says something like, "Well what about all the photos you promised us? You told us you'd get us the photos and we never got them.....that won't do, Curt." George: "Bad Curt!" (massive laughter from the press).