Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rush to the Beatles

I am sure this happened in other cities during the 1964 tour, but Pittsburgh seems to be the other city where there is a lot of documentation of it.    Fans were milling around outside of the Civic Center, where the Beatles were going to play for hour before the show. 

Here are two adorable fans with their buttons on, getting a photo snapped to remember the concert.

Cute photos of fans waving Beatle photos and banner and showing off their tickets for cameras.

Then word started to get out that the Beatles were headed to the Civic Center and the car was coming that way!   Now this past summer, I did the "limo watch" for Paul McCartney and it was pretty exciting....I can just imagine that excitement was so much more for all four Beatles.

police hold back the fans so that they don't attack the Beatles car

This fan got close to the Beatles but was quickly stopped.

And then all heck broke loose and there was no stopping the Beatlemaniacs!

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