Friday, September 5, 2014

Ringo's golden drum

The Ludwig drum company's main office was located in Chicago, Illinois.   Ringo Starr played Ludwig drums and the name "Ludwig" was seen prominently on the Beatles drum head.   To honor Ringo for the advertising  and publicity, William Ludwig Jr. presented Ringo with a special gold snare drum.   This snare drum was a one of a kind made especially for Ringo.   It had a special plaque that said, "Ringo Starr, the Beatles" on it.  

Before the Chicago concert of 1964,  a presentation was made where William Ludwig Jr. said this;
"I have never known a drummer more widely acclaimed and publicized than you, Ringo Starr. Your millions of fans have honored you and the other members of The Beatles by their overwhelming acceptance of your recordings and concert appearances. On behalf of the employees and management of the Ludwig Drum Company, I would like to thank you for choosing our instruments and for the major role you are playing in the music world today."

Ringo took his gold drum back to England after the tour and has had it in his possession every since.  In 2010, Ringo allowed the Met in New York City to borrow the gold drum for a special exhibit and many fans had the chance to see the famed drum.  It appeared again at the Grammy's special Ringo Starr exhibit at their L.A. museum last year.

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  1. I love how you can see (in the modern picture) that the drum has actually been played!!!! (presumably by Ringo) (or Zak!) (or any of the Starkey kids, i think Paul said in an interview once that all of Ringo's kids are good drummers!).