Thursday, September 18, 2014

Memories of the Dallas Show

"I was one of ten Dallas Police Reservists assigned to sit in and wait in a side lobby until we received further orders. We could hear the music coming up from the basement. After a while we heard the echo of running steps getting louder from the floor below. Up the stairs come regular police with the Beatles.
“Line up five on each side!” is the command. The doors fly open. Two unmarked police cars roll up, one behind the other with their doors open. I heard someone down the street yell, “There they are…Let’s get ‘um”. Without stopping, the police yelled for the Beatles to jump in, which they did except for, I think Ringo, right in front of me, hesitating to get in. I finally pushed him into the back seat.
Someone jumped on my back trying to grab at Ringo. I was knocked down as the cars pulled away to get to the airport. Instead of a teenager on top of me, it was a middle-aged woman. She apologized afterwards and meekly walked away. Five minutes later, I realized that my wristwatch had broken from the fall."  -  Jerry K.

"I was there, 7 years old, with my mother and my step father’s assistant, who at the time was the #1 DJ in Houston at KILT, Jim Wood.  My mom was at the press conference, she talked her way in with the radio station rep story which was true, from what I understand it was last minute thing and as she didn’t work for KILT, couldn’t get press pass so she worked it.  Hate to hear they stopped doing them after that. Worked for me, she met someone she said was their PR Mgr, who put me on his shoulders directly in front and center of the stage with The Beatles (legs) in my face. She also got one of those photos signed by them to me that was later stolen after we moved to LA when my dad put it in a display for some stupid reason. Saw them again in LA at Dodger Stadium which I just realized was their next to last concert. It was just me and Jim Wood, and never a bad concert seat with him but that day in Dallas, made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world for a long time. God Bless Jim Wood, RIP. Oh and just in case anyone knows about an autographed photo to Becky, there’s a reward for it and no questions ask." --  Becky R. 

"In those days we had only seen the Beatles in black and white.  Our television sets were black and white, A Hard Day’s night was black and white, and so you had this image of them as being black and white.  They came out on stage and popped out!  They were in pastel pinks and were almost florescent." –Tom

"I brought with me a piece of paper and a pencil.  You can tell I was excited because I wrote on the wrong side of the paper.  What I did was I wrote down the songs in the order they sang them."–Claudia

"I don’t remember hearing much, but I think that was because I was screaming so hard." – Alice

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