Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Meeting fans at the Key Wester

I am not totally sure what all went on when the Beatles were in Key West, Florida.   Apparently there was a little meet and greet for some people?   They were sitting outside of the villas on lawn chairs and the Beatles signed autographs for them.    I am not too sure all about this, but there are two photos from this as well as a first hand account.

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/98608
photo by Robert Knowles 

photo belongs to Suzy Robeson
Here is what Suzy Robeson says about the above photo:
“We arrived and were seated in chairs to wait for them to come out of their room,” recalls the Boynton Beach resident. “In the picture you can see my friend Jeanne seated to the right and I am to the left. My father is the one on the right speaking to Ringo Starr. George Harrison was signing a picture book they had for us.”

Here are a few other fan memories that I located online (the Beatles Bible and the comments section of a blog about Key West), although it doesn't really explain these photos.

I was almost 9 years old when the Beatles stayed at the Key Wester. Some friends and I snuck as close to the hotel as we could and tried to see the Beatles. I remember one of them (from the distance we thought it was Paul) played peek-a-boo from behind a palm tree with us! The thrill of our lifetimes! Thanks for the memories!  -Linda E.

I was stationed at Boca Chica in 1964; when we got word that the Beatles were coming to Key West, my wife and I waited by the curved driveway of the KeyWester. As the Beatles were leaving; Paul gave my wife a wave. She will never forget that morning. -  Al

I was six years old at the time and I remember I was among a large crowd that gathered in front of the old Key Wester Hotel. I walked up to their hotel room and knocked on the door and asked for an autograph. The manager politely said they were out. I was and still continue to be a big fan. I have my Beatle Charm Braclet and Lunch Box to this day. Roberta M.

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