Sunday, September 7, 2014

Maple Garden concert memories

I was at the first show, in the afternoon. I was 9 years old. My seats were up in nose bleed area, way up at the top. I found the experience unforgettable. The constant flash of brownie cameras going off coupled with pandemonium and hysteria was a bit frightening. We couldn’t hear the music at all. Just a wall of shrieking from beginning to end. Never will forget it. –Fred H.

I was 12 and went with my best friend.. We had seats on Paul’s side, in the very last row at the top of the Grey section. BEST Concert ever! – Sandy H.

I was at the first show, age 14, with a girlfriend. Everyone screamed so much the music was impossible to hear, but we didn’t care…we knew the music by heart….it was the joy and excitement of being there. Great experience. –Gale B.

I saw them at the Gardens with my sister. Dad, an editor at the Star, had gotten his hands on a pair of tickets as a surprise to us. He drove us down -- it was a zoo outside the Gardens -- and me -- at 12 -- had to 'protect' my sister through the crowds.
We were in the greens, the band came on, and that was the last you could hear of the music. Young girls screaming -- my god. Just like the videos of the day. Barely heard a few chords or the singing.
And there must have been a million flashbulbs go off through the course of the show. Naturally, those instamatics and their flashes got great photos of the back of the heads of those in the immediate 10 rows in front. And maybe a blip of light at the stage.
But it wasn't the pix -- this is a memory untarnished by time, strangely, and one very much cherished. I still have the torn ticket stubs from that night. Maybe ebay them someday. Maybe not.   – anonymous

I was there with my older sister. My dad had won the tickets from someone in a card game at his golf club (I have often wondered whose kids lost their chance to go to that concert). Unfortunately the seats were up in the greys and from the moment the Beatles took to the stage until long after they'd left all you could hear were girls screaming. Never once did we actually hear the Beatles sing. – Steve


  1. Second from the top photograph (John doing his cripple bit) is from the 17-th September 1964 Kansas City Municipal Stadium concert.

    1. Very good eye! Sorting through all of these 1964 concert photos has been confusing at times for me. Thanks for your help.