Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jacksonville concert memories

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, 
                                                   photo by Vern Barchard

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,  
Concert Memories

I was at this concert. I recall the disappointment because the wind was blowing the Beatles’ hair back and their show stopping haircuts weren’t visible. I was seated on the ground, not too far from the stage. However, I could barely make out the words of any song due to the number of screaming females in the audience. It was insane! I don’t recall the number of opening acts listed here. I only remember one and that was a female group. I wish there was a poster to commemorate this event. I lost my tickets years ago. –Vickie

I was there, along with a friend. I was 15 yrs old. It was a very emotional experience for me. My dad drove us about 2 hours each way, on a rainy night. The fact that he was willing to do this is just a memorable as the actual concert. Wish I had kept my ticket stubs. --anonymous

I attended this show, as well…remembered the breeze and especially remembered the girls all screaming (I was only 12-years old and went with my 16-year old sister…who contributed to the screams). Had my dad’s WWII binoculars, so I got a good look at them. Still have my ticket…$5 for The Beatles! Not bad–John D.

A few of my friends and I won a trip up to Jacksonville from WQAM radio in Miami. We flew up with the DJs (the day after the hurricane), ate boxed lunch fried chicken on the plane, took a bus from the airport, and had seats on the very soggy field. I remember a really long wait ( but have absolutely no memory of any opening acts). The wind was blowing, it was a very short indecipherable concert – maybe 25 minutes tops . Could barely see the boys … or hear them over all the screaming. But… we were there! Best night of my young life!  --Donna

My best friend and I came from Atlanta by car and were worried about the weather and if the show would be cancelled. We skipped school (our Senior year) and also went to the New Orleans concert days later. We were not given permission to be away from school and caused our Principal to decide if we could graduate or not. All turned out well….but it was risky. Everyone knew we were going to see the Beatles no matter what! It was worth the trips and the risk. –Carol F.

"I was lucky enough to be on the 30-yard line. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring my glasses, so things were not all that clear. I could tell, however, that Ringo's cymbals and hair were blowing in the wind." They played a 30-minute set, but I don't think they did even 12 songs. Besides, I couldn't hear them for all the girls screaming."—Hal

At the time of the concert, the weather was still pretty bad and windy. We got to sit on the field, and everything was fine until everyone rushed the stage. I went right along with the crowd - a huge sea of people. My poor mother and brother were afraid I would be lost forever, but after a while I wandered back as if it were no big deal." –Kathy Q.


  1. I also won a trip from WQAM and also (fondly) recall that boxed fried chicken! I do recall one opening act, Bill Black's Combo, possibly because I knew their 1960 top 10 song "White Silver Sands." And as was remarked earlier, you couldn't really hear the Beatles because of all the screaming girls--just like the Ed Sullivan Show. Plus their sound system was just so tiny.