Monday, September 29, 2014

I don't do pictures

photo by loudsigh and posted here with permission

Here is something I would rather not think about.   What if you suddenly met Paul McCartney and he refused a photo?  I know that I would be a mix of emotions.  Excited and thrilled to have finally met the man, but extremely disappointed that my dream of getting a photo with him had been squashed by just a few words.    That is what happened to this fan, who goes by the name loudsigh on tumblr.    She had a brief, unexpected encounter with Sir McCartney on the street and he told her that he doesn't "do pictures."   Yeah right.....I think this blog is proof that he does pictures with fans.    I guess he just wasn't doing them that day.   I believe her Dad was smart enough to quickly snap a photo of Paul as he was walking away.   What a moment!!    I saw this story on tumblr and contacted her and got her permission to share her story here.   It can happen friends!

In September (2014), I went to a Gary Winograd exhibition with my mom and dad.  Coincidentally, when I was there I pointed out  a Beatlemania photo he had taken and showed it to my dad. 

Afterwards we began walking to the left-- away from the museum and heading up on 2nd East 84th street.  While we’re walking my dad steps on my mom’s flip flop which makes the three of us stop to kind of adjust.  My dad then whispers to me “Paul McCartney is behind you.”  Paul was just leaning against a fence checking his phone.

  This was all happening really quickly I was really confused but then out of no where Paul walks in front of us turns around to my dad and is like “see the trouble you cause!”  So now I’m just flabbergasted.  I cannot even say anything to him even though I want to because I'm just so in disbelief.  My dad then says “Paul, can we have a picture?”  And Paul says, “Sorry I don’t do pictures.”  My dad then just blurts out “You’re amazing!” and he just kind of waves his hand at us to say thank you.  He then begins walking in front of us and tries to cross the street but a bus comes super close to him that he almost looses his balance.  He continues to walk on the same side of the street as us.  I didn’t want to stare at him the whole time so I don’t know but somehow he ends up walking behind us for a couple more blocks.

It’s weird because when ever talking to my friends about celebrities I want to meet it would always be Paul McCartney because the Beatles are my favorite band.  It was probably the surrealist moment I’ve ever experienced.


  1. Interesting story and photo. Been there, done that. Not long after the recording of "Across the Universe", Gayleen and I asked Paul if we could have our photo taken with him and he said no. Just like that... I have no idea why and of course didn't dare to ask.

  2. Why? Because sometimes he just wants to be left alone. Because maybe he had a headache. Because maybe he had some trouble on his mind. Because he's given and given and given plenty of time to fans, and sometimes he just doesn't feel like it. Just like sometimes, when my kids come and ask me for something, I snap at them or say "I don't feel like it." He's human.

    1. Hey, Anonymous, trust me, Lizzie Bravo knows more than you or anyone else how "human" The Beatles were/are. She sang on "Across The Universe", right next to Paul, on the same microphone. This blog is filled with pictures of Lizzie standing right next to one of the Beatles. This blog is filled with insights and information and solved mysteries that she has provided (for provided), stuff that virtually nobody else in the world can provide. Which stands in sharp contrast to everything you wrote in your "helpful", "insightful" comment, all stuff that Lizzie (and most other people on this blog) already know. Trust me, Lizzie is absolutely the last person on this blog that you need to get snarky with. Man oh man, the internet....your poor kids....if this is your reaction to Lizzie's comment, what kind of humiliation you put your poor kids through (daily, I'm sure)....

      Hey, Anonymous! Thanks for the comment! Food for thought!