Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fans remember it with fondness

photo by Ted Rozumalski

photo by Ted Rozumalski

Photograph taken by Ted Rozumalski provided by Robert Rozumalski."

photo by Ted Rozumalski

photo by Ted Rozumalski

photo by Ted Rozumalski

All of these concert memories were found on youtube comments or youtube videos

“I was there...14 at the time.  I had to get approval of our Junior High School principal to leave school early.  My Mom and another friend's mom chaperoned about 4 of us gals. We all got crushed against the gate before it opened up. Girls rushing across the field, girls fainting. You could barely HEAR The Beatles sing from all the screaming! But, there they were!” –Cathy 

 “I was there. THIS  ------- was one of the most important experiences of my life. I will never forget it it. 12 years old and knocking over the barricades to get to the Beatles ----- and I did.”—Lucy

“I was there but only nine years old.  My sister, Kathy took me.  I remember all the girls screaming and pulling on their hair.  There had also been a rush of fans, breaking through the barricade.  I saw a policeman try to stop a girl and her dress ripped.” – Claire M. 

“I was there. I was 10. My grandfather took my cousin Keith and me. We were directly in line with the PA speakers on the poles, so we could hear the music over the screaming.”—Tab

“I was there! I was 11years old, but, I was so mad, I couldn't hear them. No I did not run and scream. Yes, I was screaming ‘shut up, so i can hear them’. Oh, my neighbor on the right Mrs., Mickey got to serve them breakfast. She said that they looked pretty nervous. 30 years later, I Met Paul McCartney in a studio in new Orleans, he showed me how to play let it be!” –Suzanne 

“I was backstage at City Park Stadium on September 16, 1964, as my Dad set up the sound system for the Fab 4.  We arrived in my friend’s brand new 1964 ½ Mustang in lemon yellow and we thought we were the bees knees.  I touched the back of John Lennon’s jacket, and it was days before I washed my hand.  I was the talk of St. Mary of the Angels School.”  --Molly

“My very first concert, the Beatles at City Park Stadium.  I was there to see Paul because he was my favorite Beatle.  I screamed my voice raw that night.”  -- anonymous

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  1. These are really rare! Fantastic photographs! But the fourth from the bottom (George half turned) is evidently from some other venue. I'd say this is 19th August 1965, Houston, Texas.
    Thank you once again!