Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fans Pout, Plot to get near idols-it's do use

photo by Curt Gunther

photo by Curt Gunther

Photo by Curt Gunther

Disgruntled teenagers stalked the Beatles at the Speedway Motel today while other clever fans converged on the State Fairgrounds to plan strategy so they can be near the ragmops tonight.

Sleuthful efforts at both places were squelched by the forces of the law and led to such comments as that by Marie Halligan, 16, in her attempt to get close to the motel where the Beatles are staying, "I'm so angry.  We can't get within 500 miles of them." 

It was the same for about 50 other fans who found the Beatles' whereabouts at the motel.  State troopers and sheriff's deputies cordoned off the motel, and at one time 30 policemen were parked in the motel's parking lot.

One mother registered herself and two daughters in the motel to get close to the Beatles.

The Beatles were said to be camped out in either Rooms 222 or 224, and troopers turned windows on the second floor into guard towers.

The fans at Speedway were being kept on the south side of 16th Street across from the motel.

William Cash, 14, saved somewhat, at least, the day for the outsiders.  He said he was part-time bus boy in the motel and reported "with authority" that the Beatles had boiled eggs, toast, and coffee for breakfast.

The motel situation after the Beatles' arrival here today was so hectic that the press contingent had to sleep on the floor of a locker room last night.  Seven representatives of the foreign press were among the crew.

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