Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fans didn't get to see them!

When the Beatles landed at Geneal Mitchell Field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 4:20pm, around 700 Beatle fans were waiting to greet them.   They were holding their signs and waving their banners, ready to see the Beatles come down off the plane and wave to them before being taken off by a police officer to a car

However, fans were disappointed, because for the first time in the U.S. tour history, the Beatles did not get to wave to any of the waiting fans.  The Beatles' plane was taken to the far side of the field and out of the eyesight of the fans.

Paul  was sure to tell that it was not the Beatles' idea to snub the fans and it was the police who said they could not wave to the fans.   The media tried to lay the blame on Brian, which Paul was quick to say was a lie.   Sorry Milwaukee Beatle fans!

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  1. I think photographs of the Beatles themselves here were taken not when arrived to, but when they left Milwaukee, on the 5-th of September.